"Where Can I Find Small Tuck Top Boxes?"

Tuck Top Boxes - White Tuck Top Boxes

Our popular one piece tuck top boxes are the ideal box for cubes of soap, chocolate truffles, hand crafted jewelry, etc. A lock tab bottom assures quick and easy assembly. They’ve been featured in Brides Magazine holding mini bundt cakes and these one piece foldable tuck flap boxes are sure to please for any use. Wedding planners love them and small online companies use them for their small wares.

We are experts at designing and manufacturing high end packaging and our white tuck top boxes certainly fill the bill. Thеѕе favor boxes соmе in four sizes, whiсh аllоwѕ fоr thе perfect fit fоr уоur desired small gift. Bесаuѕе thеу аrе stackable, it iѕ easy tо create a display in nеаrlу аnу space. At Bayley’s Boxes, we know that gift giving is a special gesture, regardless of the occasion. We know you need your gift to have special meaning and these were designed just for that purpose. We are the small box company you need.

Our tuck top boxes are available in a broad range of colors and patterns exclusive to us.

And they are available in four sizes:

• Mini (appx size 1¾"x1¾"x1¾")
• Small (appx size 2¼"x2¼"x2¼")
• Medium (appx size 2¾"x2¾"x2¾")
• Large (appx size 3½"x3½"x3½")

The boring and bland stuff the other guys offer just won’t do. We suggest choosing an elegant solution and add pizzazz using the packaging found here. No matter what kind of packaging you need, our inventory is sure to have something that will suit your design or style. When it comes to tuck top boxes, we strive to provide the best color selection possible. If you want something simple, they’re available in white or kraft. If you need the wow factor, choose from our monstrous selection of blues, purples and greens.

Order small tuck flap boxes online today.

Bayley’s Boxes are more than just small works of art, they are the only choice when you need a high quality die cut heavy cardstock box. They’re conveniently shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions. These tuck top boxes are designed to please.