"Looking For Purse Shaped Boxes?"

Purse Shaped Boxes For Sale - Small Purse Favor Boxes

Our purse shaped boxes for sale at Bayley’s Boxes might just be perfect when the girls are coming over for cocktails or bunco. Surprise your guests with small purse favor boxes (sometimes referred to as a handbag box) filled with treats or gifts. Whatever goes into this packaging immediately becomes a bit more special. Maybe you have toiletries you'd like to package. These paper purses are perfect boxes for packaging handmade soaps, bath salts and tiny lotions. The girlfriends and their moms will love your little girl's birthday party favors stuffed into these neat boxes.

Purse Shaped Boxes for sale are shaped like little purses and are made at our facilities in Colorado in a selection of colorful heavy card stock materials. Our color selection simply isn’t available anywhere else. Rainbows have complained to mother nature asking for the same colors we offer here

You've found small purse favor boxes in all your favorite colors!

Let’s Party! These аrе perfect fоr a girl's birthday party filled with a nail polish, file аnd lip gloss, оr еvеn аѕ a bachelorette party favor box. Gеt аѕ creative аѕ уоu'd like with these purse shaped boxes for sale. Creative sorts who like to throw neat home shows really like Purse shaped favor boxes fоr secret gift presentations tо encourage guests tо book home party shows. Put a small gift оr note inside tо reveal thе guests reward.

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And we offer them in three sizes:
• Micro (appx size 3¼"x1¾"x1")
• Mini (appx size 5"x2½"x1½")
• Large (appx size 6"x3½"x2")

We have been manufacturing these since we opened our doors back in 1999. Small purse favor boxes have proven to be, year after year, one of our most popular selections. All Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions. Bayley’s Boxes in your online source for the world’s coolest little purse shaped favor boxes for sale.