Small Decorative Paper Boxes Manufacturers

We are the small decorative paper boxes manufacturers you’ve been looking for. Thank you for your interest in our paper gift boxes and materials. We have scoured the globe for the coolest, neatest, prettiest papers for our gift and favor boxes and are proud to bring them to you here.

PopTone and SpeckleTone Recycled paper is 100 lb heavy card-stock manufactured at a family-owned paper mill in the USA. They are the same color on both sides, and throughout. This paper is our most popular paper for gift boxes. As small decorative paper boxes manufacturers go, we are your premier source. The SpeckleTone Recycled paper is made of recycled materials and includes specks and shives throughout. PopTone is a favorite for Tuck Top Boxes and our Soap Boxes are gorgeous in SpeckleTone.

Our shimmering solid papers are from mills in France and Italy. They are of varying weights between 92 lb cover to 111 lb cover. They, too, are the same color on both sides and throughout. Wedding favor boxes look especially nice in our subtle pastel shimmering paper and other small decorative paper boxes manufacturers wish they had our incredible selection.

The foil papers are a house stock of a supplier in California. Foils are 100 lb paper with a metallic foil coating on one side and a white matte finish on the other. 

Plain White paper is 120 lb cardstock manufactured at a mill in the USA.

Our patterned papers are made exclusively for Bayley's Boxes and can't be found anywhere else. Weights vary between 10 pt to 12 pt and are patterned on one side only. The opposite side is a matte white finish.

To put it simply, our color selection cannot be found anywhere else. Bayley’s Boxes has been the online source for small decorative paper boxes manufacturers since 1999.