"Where Can I Buy Jewelry Packaging?"

Jewelry Gift Boxes - For Handmade JewelryPackaging with our jewelry gift boxes is an important next step to your handcrafted creations. The right packaging enhances your product and Bayley’s Boxes are perfect for handmade jewelry and will help you sell your product. Let us help you with your packaging needs. With dozens of boxes and colors to choose from, you're sure to find the ideal solution for tradeshows, craft fairs and retail packaging.

You pour your soul into creating exciting jewelry. You're passionate about your work and soon the world will know it. But the world doesn't want to see your passion in another boring white box. With our jewelry gift boxes, you’ll be sure to stand apart from everyone else. Customers looking for handmade jewelry appreciate the extra effort you put into fantastic packaging. These little gems will really set your hand made jewelry apart.

Order packaging to set yourself apart today!

You're unique, your jewelry creations are unique and now your packaging and boxes are unique too. We have a huge selection perfect for necklaces, bracelets, body-jewelry and rings. Our boxes are available in dozens of colors and patterns. We specialize in small jewelry gift boxes that stand apart from anything you're used to seeing at the malls, jewelry shows and craft fairs. For handmade jewelry, our packaging might just be what you’re looking for.

Whether you work with glass, precious gems and metals, natural fibers, polymer clay or wood, we know your creations, tools and supplies take up a lot of space, especially when you're on the road to your next jewelry expo! We ship your packaging to you flat, and you can store them flat until you're ready to use them. Our jewelry gift boxes are easy to assemble and store flat to save valuable space.

Small boxes & packaging in tons of colors!

We have a bunch of great colors here. We do white, of course. But we’re the folks that do shimmering lilac, banana split and silver foil too! You’ll find over fifty cool colors and patterns many of which are exclusive to us.

So if your jewelry is funky or chic, elegant or whimsical, we're sure you'll find the perfect packaging at Bayley's Boxes. Thanks for considering us when considering jewelry gift boxes for handmade jewelry.