"Looking For Small Christmas Boxes?"

Small Christmas Boxes - Decorative Paper Christmas Boxes

An ideal example of small Christmas boxes is our petal box, a wonderfully unique box made for homemade candy, rubber stamps, or a special ornament. Most small holiday favors fit nicely, as do chocolates, cookies and small toys. These decorative paper boxes will take your event at the holidays to the next level by thinking of the little things. And our little favor boxes are certain do the trick! This elegant box assures the holiday season is all wrapped up! They are perfect for a variety of gifts such as gift cards or jewelry. They are ideally suited for home, boutiques, and resale in holiday and gift shops. As shown in our bright gold foil here, they absolutely ooze holiday cheer.

Our Unique Petal Boxes Are Perfect As Small Christmas Boxes.

Small Christmas boxes are available in a large a selection оf seasonal colors. Different patterns, аnd two sizes make petal boxes perfect fоr аn elegant look. Thеу close with a circular twist, giving a trulу high-end style. Homemade gifts ѕuсh аѕ cookies thаt celebrate уоur heritage, artisan chocolates, оr a handcrafted keepsake wоuld аll bе exquisitely presented in a petal gift box. All Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions.

Order Your Petal Boxes in two sizes today!

• Small (appx size 4"x4"x1")
• Large (appx size 4"x4"x3")

As with all Bayley's Boxes, these small Christmas boxes are available in a multitude of colors and patterns, but they look especially nice in our decorative Christmas patterned papers. We stock various shades of red and green to assure a perfect look for holiday time. We offer them in a gorgeous sparkling white material as well and that will make your presentation reminiscent of snow. Of course, we offer the widest color selection on the planet and Santa agrees. And a beautiful selection of silver and gold really enhance the overall feel of these small Christmas boxes.