"Where Can I Buy Recycled Eco-Friendly Boxes?"

 Recycled Gift Boxes - Eco-Friendly, WholesaleWe offer recycled gift boxes here because we’re trying to do our part too! Bayley's Boxes offers all our terrific small gift boxes and favor boxes in earth-friendly materials, five earthy colors guaranteed to make Al Gore smile. Our eco-friendly, wholesale options might just be the small favor boxes you’re looking for.

These small favor box materials reduce the consumption of raw materials.

While all our papers are environmentally friendly, these five in particular are made of 100% post-consumer recycled unbleached paper.

Recycled Kraft Recycled Beach Recycled Brown Recycled Olive Recycled Wine

We can reduce energy usage, air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for waste disposal, and every small recycling idea helps. Our recycled gift boxes make a lasting impression with your packaging without making a lasting impression on the environment. Of course, like any company in the business of eco-friendly, wholesale packaging, we totally get the importance of creating earth-friendly products that won’t harm the environment. As a result, we offer our extensive inventory of earth’s coolest favor boxes in eco-friendly biodegradable options.

Order your earth-friendly small packaging today.

Our inventory includes a large variety of different and unique small recycled gift boxes and favor boxes. Our “green” packaging can be decorative too, and we can prove it. Check out our friendly to the planet collection with embellishments like our paper ribbon and foil seals to add that extra-special touch. When you purchase eco-friendly, wholesale packaging products from Bayley’s Boxes, you and everyone else can rest assured that you’re doing good things for the planet while doing business.

Colorful, coordinated, modern and super-cool, our beautiful line of small favor packaging has redefined what you expect from sustainable retail boxes. These options are designed to delight consumers with a green conscience and keep you ahead of limitations on throw-away box use. We ship fast from our warehouse in Colorado. Most orders for eco-friendly, wholesale packaging ships within a few days. Of course, larger orders and international order may take a bit longer. Order your small recycled gift boxes today.