"Where Can I Buy Recycled Eco-Friendly Boxes?"

Recycled Gift Boxes

Yep, we're trying to do our part too. Bayley's Boxes offers all our terrific gift boxes and favor boxes in earth-freindly materials...five earthy colors guaranteed to make Al Gore smile.

All Our Gift Boxes Are Available In These 5 Recycled Papers! 

While all our papers are environmentally friendly, these five are made of 100% post consumer recycled unbleached paper.

These Gift Box Materials Reduce The Consumption Of Raw Materials.

We can reduce energy usage, air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for waste disposal, and every small recycling idea helps. Make a lasting impression with your packaging without making a lasting impression on the environment.

All our gift boxes are available in recycled materials and here's a few of our favorites:

Recycled Kraft Recycled Beach Recycled Brown Recycled Olive Recycled Wine