"Where Can I Find A Paper Gift Box Manufacturer?"

Paper Gift Box Manufacturer - Wholesale Paper Gift Boxes

As a paper gift box manufacturer, Bayley’s Boxes specializes in wholesale paper gift boxes. One of our neatest creations ever just might be our twist top box. We originally designed them for a gift basket designer and she used them to package small items to include in her gift baskets. The unique shape and twist top closure assure this box will stand out from anything you’ve seen in small packaging. These boxes will add a certain flair to any presentation. So if you need packaging with the wow factor, you’ve found it here.

These wholesale paper gift boxes are made in the USA by your preferred paper gift box manufacturer. We have been manufacturing these at our facilities in Colorado since 1999 and they’ve proven to be one of our most unique options.

We manufacture unique paper gift boxes.

Twist top boxes аrе great fоr larger items ѕuсh аѕ perfume bottles оr homemade gifts. Thеir twist top design makes fоr a stylish presentation, with colors tо complement аnу wedding display. Have toiletries or cologne you'd like to package in a cool box? These boxes are available in many colors and patterns, many of which are unique to Bayley's Boxes. We’re proud to be a paper gift box manufacturer and our designs are sure to please.

All Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions. appx size 5"x2½"x2½"

Order twist top wholesale paper gift boxes online today.

If you plan to hand out unique treats, consider using unique favor boxes from a paper gift box manufacturer that will hold your items in earth’s coolest boxes. Whether it's for a birthday party, holiday party or wedding, we have a huge selection of colors and patterns from which to choose. The holidays are a great time of year to bring small gifts to friends. These twist top boxes are perfect for sharing these wonderful gifts. And you can buy these wholesale paper gift boxes in bulk at reasonable prices. And if you need boxes for wedding reception favors, consider these in ivory, white or silver.

Bayley’s Boxes is the paper gift box manufacturer you’ve been looking for.