"Looking For Envelopes For Certificates?"

Envelopes For Certificates - Gift Certificate Envelopes

Our envelopes for certificates (appx size 9½"x4"x flat) are die cut from our heavy card stock papers to give them a robust and luxurious feel. Plain paper envelopes just won’t cut it anymore once you feel the weight and quality of our envelopes. Why go plain vanilla when you can go with pizzazz? We’re sure you’ll agree that our products will add a certain “wow” factor to you presentation.

You've designed a beautiful gift certificate. You’ve spent time and effort to be sure you can hand your customers or employees something with meaning. The feel of these envelopes for certificates is substantial Wouldn't it be a shame to put anything in a plain old envelope ever again? Our ginormous color selection assures confidence you’ll find the perfect hue for your ideas. Chameleons have died trying to hide in our color selection. Jazz up your ideas with our exclusive envelope design!

Gift Certificate Envelopes are Great for gift certificates, coupons, flyers or even cash!

Own a restaurant or spa? These envelopes are a must have for your gift certificates. Are you in charge of marketing at a hotel or resort? Are you in charge at the human resources department at your business? The employees will appreciate a thank you presented in our exclusive envelopes for certificates. These are an ideal way to help your customers spread the good word about your business or enterprise. Add a box belt or a foil embossed seal and these envelopes are guaranteed to POP! Your presentation will sparkle with products from Bayley’s Boxes.

Choose red, green or holiday patterns and wow your employees at holiday bonus time. Handout cash gifts with flair by using our beautiful color selection. We even offer them in a variety of eco friendly recycled material for a natural “green” feel with our envelopes for certificates.

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These are available in tons of colors and lots of patterns, many of which are exclusive to Bayley's Boxes. We stock plenty of natural matte materials as well as neat exclusive sparkling papers. And our pattern selection can’t be beat. These are proudly manufactured in the USA and we ship super fast. Most orders ship within three business days. All Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions. These envelopes for certificates are sure to please.