"Where Can I Buy Crayon Style Favor Boxes?"

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Are you looking to buy crayon boxes? This empty crayon box (appx size 2½"x3½"x1") is often used as promotional packaging by advertising agencies. And one of our regular customers actually uses them for, (gasp!) crayons! Sure, they may look like the traditional boxes we kept in our desks in grade school, but ours are available in tons of great colors and patterns.
As a small box manufacturer, we have requests all the time for hard to find favor boxes. When we first started our company, one of the most common requests was if customers could buy crayon boxes on our site. But they weren’t necessarily looking for a traditional result. So we put our design team on it and we came up with one of our most popular sellers.

Empty crayon boxes aren't just for crayons anymore!

As its name implies, this cute box is the spitting image of a small Crayola pack. Crayons? Sure! But how about soap, tea bags or bath salts? Wedding planners and event planners use these small boxes all the time as neat giveaways to guests and the recipients always appreciate the extra effort. Small candies and Jordan almonds might be a popular use for this packaging. And, of course, all Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions.

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Shaped likе small empty crayon boxes, thеѕе саn hold gift cards with extra space, оr оthеr small favors аѕ muсh аѕ уоur child-like heart саn imagine. Elegant paper choices make thiѕ youthful style mоrе grown-up аnd sophisticated whilе staying simple.
Not only are we your source for where to buy crayon boxes, but we are also your source for a multitude of small favor boxes in every color of the rainbow and more. Rainbows are actually jealous of our color selection. We stock tons of colorful materials to assure you will find the perfect color, shade or hue you are looking for. We also offer them a few exclusive patterns that can not be found anywhere else. So take a few moments and check out our styles and color selections. Poke around, explore and discover Bayley’s Boxes, your online source for where to buy crayon boxes.