"Do You Offer CD Packaging Ideas?"

CD Packaging Ideas - Small Favor Boxes

Of course, we have beautiful CD packaging ideas! After all, we are Bayley’s Boxes! We’ve designed envelopes, paper briefcases and a neat interlocking petal pouch design to assure your CDs are presented in the coolest little favor boxes on earth. Our CD packaging is available in many colors and patterns, many of which are unique to Bayley's Boxes. All Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions.

CD Envelopes, Briefcases and Pouches - Favor Boxes

CD Envelopes - (appx size 7"x6"xflat) will hold one music or data CD jewel case. Both the older style CD jewel cases and the newer thin CD cases fit in these envelopes. Secure them with your own ribbon, sticker or seal. We’re sure your creativity will shine through as you develop your CD packaging ideas. This is one of our original designs and they are available exclusively at Bayley’s Boxes. If you see them anywhere else, they got ‘em from us. Yes, they’re available in over 50 way cool colors and patterns.

CD Briefcases - (appx size 5½"x5"x½") will hold a CD in its jewel case snugly and secures with a locking tab. These beautiful creations include a handle and as you can see, resemble a small briefcase. Often used as favor boxes, we’re sure your creativity will shine through as you develop these small gift boxes. They’re unique and are available in a rainbow of colors!

CD Pouches - These may be one of the coolest CD packaging ideas ever conceived. They are designed to hold a single CD or DVD (without it's case). Secured with a unique "flower locking" design, these CD Pouches are our most unique packaging for your CDs. As with most of the small favor boxes on our site, these can only be found here. The decorative design is truly outstanding and our color selection must be seen to be believed.

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