Bag Boxes

Wedding Favor Bags

Wedding Favor Bags (Bag Shaped Boxes) come in two sizes.

  • Small (appx size 5"x3½"x2")
  • Large (appx size 7"x5"x2½")

Is it a box or is it a bag? A ribbon threaded through the holes helps secure the top closed so the recipient can't see too much and makes cooridinating a breeze. Great for wedding guests, stuff with a couple of cookies and a bag of chips to leave in your guests room for a late night snack. Get a sample to make sure your goodies will fit.

A favorite of wedding planners, these Bag Boxes can be personalized with yarn, string, raffia, ribbons, etc. for a bridal favor box that really stands out.

You've bought your favors and now you’re looking for the best way to present them? These wedding favor bags are available in many colors and patterns, many of which are unique to Bayley's Boxes.

All Bayley's Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions.