Decorative Accessories For Gift And Favor Boxes

You've found the perfect boxes.
Now you're going to want to jazz 'em up!

Gift Tags - We have gift tags to mix or match with our unique boxes.  Our gift tags come with a hole punched in the back and are available in the same materials as our cool boxes.

Foil Embossed Seals - Foil embossed seals are an excellect way to add a little more PIZZAZZ to our unique line of gift and favor boxes. Available in over 20 neat designs, use them to spruce up our boxes or gift tags.

Box Belts - Add a paper box belt to our products for added PUNCH! Sized approximately 7/8" x 19" so you can cut them to your desired size. Attach with tape, glue, or our Foil Embossed Seals! 18 colors to choose from.

Bayley's Box of Blossoms - Just like our box belts, they're available in 18 vibrant translucent and text-weight papers. Each box contains a variety of over 100 cool flower shapes and over 50 leaves. We even include over 50 brads so they're easy to attach to any of our gift boxes or envelopes. Mix and match different colors and the combinations are endless!