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Kelley O'Herron-Maltas
Founder & President, Bayley's Boxes, Inc.

Kelley was born in Missouri and grew up in Aurora, Colorado. The product of entrepreneurial parents, she learned at a young age that a hobby or idea could turn a few sales into a full fledged business.

Always interested in the artistry of hand made crafts, Kelley's first endeavor was making scented hot-pads, packaging them in a neat gift box and selling them to local gift shops. An interest in unique paper and rubber stamp artistry led her to later dabble in custom hand made wedding invitations and envelopes and soon they were for sale.

This interest in paper and rubber stamping found her designing unusual gift boxes for her rubber stamping friends to decorate. She had found her niche. Rubber stamp artists were soon clamoring for her unique box designs at craft fairs throughout Colorado. Her husband Martin began work on a website and in 1999 Bayley's Boxes (named for their young daughter) was born.

Today Bayley's Boxes provides distinguished product packaging to companies and individuals interested in setting their products and events apart.

Martin Maltas
Vice President & Janitor, Bayley's Boxes, Inc

Martin was born in Iowa and grew up in Salida, Colorado. He thrilled his mom by quitting college to tour the western United States playing guitar in various bands.

After not hitting the big-time in rock-n-roll, Martin sold paper products to small businesses and ski resorts in the mountains of Colorado. He started a small graphics business on the side designing and producing restaurant menus and posters.

Martin met Kelley in 1987 and they married in 1989. In 1995, daughter Bayley was born to the happiest parents in the world.

Intrigued by the unique boxes Kelley had designed, he taught himself web design and went to work on a web site to sell her creations. Their unique gift and favor boxes are manufactured at their facility in Black Hawk, Colorado using specialty papers and exclusive patterns.

Bayley's Boxes Inc. began shipping uncommon gift and favor boxes worldwide in 2010.